Celebrating 40 Years!


Year after year, Netherdown has been regarded as one of Hertfordshire’s front ranking property developers creating high-quality, exclusive homes. Through the development of an extensive land portfolio and subsequent building projects, Netherdown is committed to the provision of new, prestigious, quality homes to the people of Hertfordshire.

This small family-run business was established in 1977 and has quietly been contributing to the availability of impressive homes in the Hertfordshire area.

Under the passionate leadership of the director, Gordon Roughan, the availability of superior housing in the local vicinity is increasing. Dedication to providing homes of the highest quality to the local  community puts this organization above the rest. Netherdown’s vision is to make a significant difference to the accessibility of top quality properties in Hertfordshire . . . This is the key motivational factor driving the company’s success.

Netherdown’s goal is not to provide high-priced executive homes to the rich and famous. Their ambition is driven by the dream of providing the finest homes for all. Each individual and family unit is entitled to the best that money can buy.

The company is supported in its mission by a team of dedicated staff who share in the enthusiasm generated by the company’s directors. The name ‘Netherdown’ is little known locally, as the profile of the business has not been publicized widely. Making a public proclamation of the organization’s intent, or promoting their hopes for the future development of Hertfordshire, has not been the main concern. Carefully acquiring prime locations, gaining planning permission and building homes to satisfy customers’ needs have always remained the business’ overwhelming priorities.

Finding excellent positions for such quality homes is not easy, but Gordon and his committed workforce are constantly seeking ideal locations which would benefit from an esteemed development project. The criteria addressed before considering the improvement of any potential land are rigorous; the people of Hertfordshire deserve the best homes in the best locations.

A property’s position is the key to the perfect home in our beautiful county of Hertfordshire. The success of this unassuming yet highly driven business is never in any doubt; the people of Hertfordshire will ensure that their primary need for high-quality, prestigious homes is met through Netherdown.