Ethical Charter

Netherdown (Herts) Ltd have been building prestigious homes for 40 years and we fully understand and appreciate the excitement and the commitment of buying a new home. We build houses of outstanding quality and reliability, which represent value for money; we believe that every individual and family unit is entitled to the very best.

Our goal is for you to be as proud of your new home as we are.

Our ethical charter is set out below and demonstrates the commitment that we, the directors and staff at Netherdown (Herts) Ltd make to honour our Corporate Social Responsibility. At Netherdown we have a strong sense of responsibility to our community. We adopt an innovative approach to property development which caters for political, economic, socio-cultural and technological advances.

We believe that  "putting affordable housing within the reach of not just a few, but the majority, is vital both to meeting individual aspirations and to securing a better future for the country.: It is in the interest of everybody that "green belt land is protected robustly: and "affordable homes for the first-time buyers are an essential ingredient to the sustainability of our communities".

As developers we respect our responsibility not to establish "soulless developments" but "vibrant communities."

We value the needs of potential new home owners alongside the needs of an existing neighbourhood. Shops, schools, leisure areas and additional facilities are the key to creating a harmonious residential area, and the inclusion of these amenities within a community is in everyone's best interest.

Our work ethic includes the belief that quality should be a natural expectation and this is reflected in our internal and external features, which reflect a distinctive style.

Netherdown is a Hertfordshire based organisation and we only employ skilled craftsmen from the local area in a bid to save carbon emissions as a result of less travelling.

Green Space is an essential aspect to any new development. Both garden and community areas offer opportunities for our flora, fauna and general wildlife as well as areas to participate in sport and leisure activities.

Our homes are built with energy in mind. Throughout the build process consideration is given at all times to this important issues. Wherever possible conservation of energy is a strategic element to our planning, both within our working practices and our properties. With Air Ventilation Recycling Units, Additional Insulation, Sun Tunnels , Energy Efficient Heating Systems, Solar Panels built into the roof spaces, and the future incorporation of triple glazing, our commitment to this issue is defined.

We are committed to recycling within the building industry and look to support this issue wherever possible. If demolition is necessary as part of a project every effort is made to utilize old materials. We believe it is crucial to cut down on harmful waste which may have a detrimental impact on the environment. Additional cavity wall and roof insulation ensures each property sustains energy efficiency.

Relocating top soil within the development enhances landscaping potential and avoids unnecessary transportation. The use of carbon-neutral plasterboard and timber guaranteed from sustainable resources are additional considerations when working with like minded providers. In office procedures we believe in minimising waste products, particularly paper, maximising recycling facilities.

We are energy conscious regarding all electrical equipment within our administrational practices. We believe in commitment to modern methods of construction which are intrinsically linked to sustainability. We believe in implementing procedures founded on an environmental awareness that goes beyond the requirements of legislation.

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