Energy Efficiency

Did you know that the heat lost from your walls, loft and floor can account for up to 35% of your heating bill?

£5 billion worth of energy is wasted annually in the UK; Cutting energy wastage through energy efficient measures can save the average household £200 per year.

Netherdown install cavity wall insulation in all their new developments; this can reduce heat loss by up to 60%, and can save homeowners up to £100 on their annual energy bills. If every home had cavity wall insulation installed C02 emissions would be reduced by 9 million tonnes.

250mm Loft Insulation can save up to 25% on your heating costs … Netherdown go the extra mile by doubling the insulation which saves even more on heating bills.

Netherdown homes come with double glazing as standard and the option of triple glazed windows. This cuts heat lost through windows by 50% as well as reducing noise and condensation problems.

If everyone in the UK installed just one energy saving light bulb the carbon dioxide emissions saved would fill the Royal Albert Hall nearly 3,000 times. Netherdown ensure that only energy efficient lighting will be used in all their new developments.

If everyone in the UK upgraded their refrigerators and freezers to an A rated, energy efficient product, energy wastage would be cut by over two-thirds. UK households currently use £1.2 billion worth of electricity on cooling and freezing. Netherdown ensure that only energy efficient refrigerators and freezers are used in their homes.

Netherdown support the Government in their bid to cut the amount of C02 we produce by 20% come 2010.

Purchasing a Netherdown Home could save you over £200 per year through energy efficient appliances which come as standard; the energy saved will have a positive impact on the environment, and we will be one step closer to a healthier planet.